Bingo Boom

Bingo BoomThere is no doubt about it, bingo and particularly online bingo - is a booming industry. World wide popularity of our favourite hobby is on the up, and bingo providers are constantly on the look out for the next big thing or the next way to play. We have already moved on a long way from the days of a bunch of grannies nursing half a pint of lager whilst covering a table full of cards. The game has enjoyed an increasingly younger, although still predominantly female, audience in recent years largely due to the increase in opportunities to play bingo online.

The online game has the flexibility to evolve, and along with the obvious reasons to play in this way such as not having to leave home! technology also offers increased functionality such as chat room options and side games to hold players interest. The latest trend which is sweeping the arena is the chance to play online bingo with a live caller appearing on your screen via video link. This is not a pre-recorded option, the game is live and with a minimal of delay you can actually converse with the person managing the game and calling the numbers! Although this move harks back to bingo hall days, it is a real advance in the online game and adds another dimension and level of excitement to online play.

Who knows what the big casino providers will think of next?! Perhaps someone will come round to your house with a television crew to deliver your big-time winnings or you'll get invited in to play in the studio "Deal or No Deal" style. I could get on board with either of those ideas straight away! Dreaming aside, if you've never played bingo online before and are planning on getting involved then give it a try today a whole world of fun awaits you.