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Making Free Money

Poker is all about making money and while you need to be a skilled player to profit at the felt there are other ways you can make some additional cash. By far the best way to boost your bankroll is to engage in a process known as bonus whoring. This essentially means taking advantage of a poker site's deposit bonuses before moving to a new playground.

For example, if a poker site was to offer 100% deposit match up to $1,000, you could deposit the maximum of $1,000 and continue playing until youíve released the full amount of bonus. This would mean that at the end of your time at the site youíd have doubled your bankroll to $2,000. Once youíve achieved this you can cash out and move onto the next offer.

Poker sites often payout bonuses in increments of $5 or $10 which means you need to play a lot of hands in a short space of time to maximise your profits. The best way to achieve this is to multi-table. In online poker itís possible to play a large number of tables at once and if you want to race through a large number of hands in a short period of time you need to be playing 6 tables or more.

To compliment playing a large number of tables at one time you need to adopt a tight-aggressive strategy. This means playing a selection of quality hands in a strong way. Thus, whenever you decide you want to contest a pot you should be aiming to raise and take the initiative. By doing this youíll not only achieve a profit with the hands you play but a profit from the bonuses you earn.

Bonus whoring is a great way to boost you bankroll even if youíre not the best player in the world. Playing lots of tables and taking a steady strategic approach is the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. A good way to really see how much free money you can make is by trying free poker games.


What To Know About Online Casino Slots

Online casinos offer a variety of games, which include poker, Blackjack, bingo and Russian roulette. But none of these come close to the popularity of online slots. Online slots make most of the profit for online casinos because itís easy to learn, easy to play and its very entertaining for new gamblers.

Online slots are one of the best ways to pass time and distract you from boredom. It also doesn't hurt that you'll be able to make a profit from playing. Online slots offer players the possibility to play within the confines and comfort of their own home.

Online slots were one of the first free games that online casinos offered. It's the perfect game for players who want entertainment, but don't want to part with their hard-earned cash. Free online slots also offer players the opportunity to practice their skills and get familiar with the online slot of their choice.

The game may seem challenging at first, but it's one of the easiest to pick up. New players will be surprised at how easy the game is to learn and how simple it is to pick up the skill to play online slots. It's highly advisable to learn how to play with free play first before actually using money.

The old, classic slot machines are the easiest to learn on and they offer big bonuses. The interfaces of online slots are easy to learn and aren't likely to intimidate new players.

Online slots, while requiring skill to win, also need a lot of luck. Winning and losing is a matter of luck. Every spin an online slot produces is totally random because of the machine's internal number generator. No one will have a real advantage at winning big bonuses on online slots.

Written by Alex, a keen online casino player. She can often be found playing bingo on the web and if she's not doing that, she's bound to be writing about her wins and losses.


Online and Live Casinos

As you may have heard, the biggest difference between live and online casinos is that online, you get to play with a more advantageous house edge. If youíre like me though, youíre going to take this statement with a grain of salt: how exactly will the online casino give you a better house edge, when the roulette wheel still has two green pockets on it? I mean those green pockets are the ones responsible for the house edge, and ultimately for the house drop too, at least as far as that game is concerned. The house edge will stay the same on the game itself, but there are other factors that will contribute to its diminishing. In online gambling, each of the new players is greeted with a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus has to be redeemed of course, but it still puts a rather serious dent into the house edge. In live gambling, you get no such rewards for walking into the casino.

In online gambling, players can secure all sorts of loyalty rewards too. These rewards work kind of like the rakeback deals in online poker. They give players a rebate on the money they spend at the casino tables. The size of the rebate is directly proportional with the amount of money spent. Thus, true high rollers will enjoy truly small house edges and house drops at the online tables. Why is it that online casinos offer such deals and brick and mortar ones donít? After all, they do need to remain competitive, right? The reason is simple: just compare the setup and operating costs of an online casino with that of a land-based one and youíll get the answer. Land based casinos need a building to operate in. That alone will cost a fortune, because just any piece of real estate wonít do either: it needs to be something extremely fancy in order to fit the goals of the casino. In contrast, the online casino only needs a URL and some server space for its games. While this too may run rather expensive as far as such setups go, it is by no means comparable to the costs incurred by live casinos.

Land based casinos are seriously limited in the number of games they can cram into the space at their disposal. Setting up poker tables is a serious setback for them, because poker tables take up a lot of space and generate relatively meager earnings through the poker rake. Online casinos on the other hand, have no such space issues at all. They can set up as many casino games as they like (or more likely: as many as their software supplier produces). The personnel needed to keep a live casino operation running is a huge one as well. From cocktail waitresses to casino floor personnel and surveillance specialists, itís really an army of people weíre talking about. Online casinos only need support personnel a coder or two and some folks to handle the financial issues. Compared to live casino crews, this is really a skeleton of a personnel, which makes for reduced long-term costs.

The bottom line is, online casinos can well and truly afford to give you that competitive edge, so you should never settle for anything than the absolute best. Learn how to select online casinos based on the value they offer you and be aware of the fact that you deserve the best for putting your hard-earned money onto the line, whether it should be for fun or to make money.


Land Based Casinos

Online casinos have been hogging all the spotlight lately, especially on the internet in every shape and form. The good old land-based (a.k.a. Brick and Mortar) casinos barely make it into online gambling news, and even when they do, itís usually on account of some sort of mishap or of something truly outstanding that happened somewhere in such a casino. Itís no secret that the current plight of the online gambling industry (caused mostly by the 2006 UIGEA) is at least partly due to land based casino operators, who fully support a UIGEA like ban to this day. The problem for land based casinos is however that they wonít ever be able to secure a dominant position online, simply on account of the fact that due to their nature, their offer is only addressed to an infinitely small segment of the online gambling public, namely those gamblers who live near the casino. On top of the fact that online casinos are addressed to pretty much everyone who stumbles upon them, they offer comp points and rakeback schemes, land based casinos would never even dream of matching. Due to the relatively small investment needed to get an online casino rolling, these online gambling operators can afford to be this generous with their players.

Despite all the flashy graphics and the life-like animations though, those yearning for a real flesh and blood gambling experience will still have to visit a land based casino.

Until not so long ago, people were only allowed into land based casinos sporting proper attire. Special behavioral etiquette awaited them inside to make the whole thing even more intimidating for beginners. Nowadays, at least in land based casinos in the US, these limitations are no longer in place. People can wear just about anything to the casino (within the limits of reason of course) and the whole gambling activity has become a lot more informal. These days, the casino focuses on dazzling its would be clients, distracting them and making them forget that there is something called "time" on earth.

No clocks are displayed anywhere in the casino and daylight cannot seep in either. When you enter, thousands of flashing lights, intriguing sounds and colorful sights greet you, and do their best to distract you from applying the optimal strategy at the blackjack tables and the video poker machines, while enticing you to play games on which the house edge is on the generous side.

Donít succumb to these distractions. Carry your slot club card with you every time you step into a casino to play. While youíre probably aware that casino games are generally negative EV ones, taking advantage of comp points value is a must. Comp points work like rakeback in poker. The full tilt rakeback for instance, or a poker prop deal (which is also a rakeback deal, only one of a more generous kind) gives you a rebate on the money you lose on the poker rake. Casino comp points offer you a rebate on the money you lose at the tables.